• Places of spiritual research

    « For this earth is an inn in our immense journey »

    …And as short-lived passengers, we yearn for ending the journey and returning to the source, some day.

    Who would like to resist the Heaven’s call ?

    Sometimes, a clear voice or a murmur makes itself heard somewhere inside us and changes us. It’s something very intimate, very little and secret, the call of which, however,  is more powerful than all the orders which could be given to us by anyone.

    This inner call has always lead men to search for the One who could be called God.

    But alone in a world mainly occupied with making  the mankind perpetuate into the incarnation, how can we find the way to the flight ?

    That’s why, from time immemorial,  the beings in search of absolute have been  looking  for guides, for persons having preceded them on the road of  liberation, to be taught by them.

    They have gathered around them so as to hear their words of truth, breathe their air, put their feet  on the track of their steps.

    Ashrams are created like this : a being awakens and those who want to follow his ray of return gather around him.

    Then, it is a question of organization. Each one has his or her personality, the way to initiate his or her followers, the way to love them. But forever a unique link will remain in the world between the gurus and those who  have loved them. Ashrams are places where energy families of beings rising towards their celestial family can be reconstituted, thanks to the initiatory presence of a spiritual guide.

    ” The impact of the action of a resolute man and definitively dedicated to the supreme Cause, spending all his energy for the love of God, is not called, because it is infinite. “

    Appel Guéry

    Ashrams are places which offer the possibility of receiving and protecting energies,  sublime and fragile at the same time.

    They are the ferment of a future when consciousness could develop and lie in the human being. If the humanity does not manage to change their level of consciousness and thus to modify their type of actions, it is the planet itself which will soon be in danger…

    Could these mini societes guided by a spiritual beam be the germs of new possible ways for the whole humanity, as well as new manners for the world ?

    “What we have done will not be lost forever, everything matures in time and becomes a fruit at the appropriate time”

    Hindu Wisdom

    Ashrams of Great Gurus in India

    Râmakrishna’s Ashram near Calcutta

    Gandhi’s Ashram near Ahmedabad

    Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram near Pondichery (Auroville)

    Râmana Mahârshi’s Ashram in Tiruvannamalai

    Shivânanda’s Ashram in Rishikesh

    Krishnamurti’s Ashram in Chennai

    Sai Baba’s Ashram in Puttaparti

    Osho’s Ashram in Puna

    Ma Amritanandamayi’s Ashram in Amritapuri

    “Krishna Awareness” in Vrindalan

    “Poonjaji” in Lucknow

    “Theosophical Society” in Chennai

    “Raja yoga” at Mount Abu

    “Tibetan Buddhism” in Dharamsala

    “Spiritual University of Brahmâ Kumari” founded in Hyderabad by Dada Lekhraj