• Routes of pilgrimage



    Dwarka; Krishna temple of Dwarkadhish
    2 Mt. Girnar; Jain temples and goddess temple of Amba Mata
    3 Somnath; Shiva Jyotir linga temple
    4 Shatrunajaya; Jain temples
    5 Ujjain; Mahakaleswar Jyotir linga Shiva temple
    6 Sanchi; Buddhist stupa
    7 Omkareshwar; Jyotir linga Shiva temple
    8 Nasik; Godavari river Kumbha Mela site
    9 Ajanta caves; 29 Buddhist, Hindu, Jain sacred caves
    10 Ellora; Buddhist, Hindu, Jain caves and Grineshwar Jyotir linga
    11 Mt. Abu; Jain temples
    12 Nathdwara; Sri Nathji Krishna temple
    13 Pushkar; Brahma temple, Savitri temple on hill, and others
    14 Ajmer; Shrine of Mu’in al-din Chishti
    15 Ambaji shrine (between Abu road and Palanpur)
    16 Amritsar; Hari Mandir
    17 Govindval; Sikh temple
    18 Anandpur Sahib Sikh temple
    19 Vaishno Devi; cave of Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati
    20 Amarnath; Shiva cave
    21 Leh; Buddhist monasteries
    22 Jwalamukhi; Shakti Pitha shrine
    23 Kurukshetra; Brahma Sarovara, Sannihit Sarovara, many temples
    24 Haridwar; Hari-ki-Pairi Ghat, numerous temples
    25 Rishikesh; Laksman Jhula, Neela Kantha Mahadeva temple
    26 Devprayag; Raghunath Vishnu temple
    27 Karnaprayag; juncture of Alakananda and Pindar Ganga
    28 Joshimath; Vasudeva temple, Sankaracharya Math
    29 Hemkund; Sikh and Laksman temples at Lake Hemkund
    30 Badrinath; Badrinath temple and nearby five Badri temples
    31 Kedarnath; Jyotir Linga Shiva temple
    32 Gangotri; Goddess Ganga temple
    33 Yamnotri; source of holy Yamuna river, Shani Prayag temple
    34 Almora; temples of Kasar Devi, Jageshwar, Baijnath, Dwarahat, Bageshwar
    35 Mt. Nanda Devi; sacred mountain
    36 Vrindavan; numerous beautiful Krishna temples
    37 Allahabad; Sangam Bath river site
    38 Varanasi / Banaras; numerous temples, ghats and pilgrimage circuits
    39 Saranath; Buddhist holy place
    40 Kushinagar; Holy site where Buddha passed away
    41 Gaya; Vishnupada temple
    42 Bodh Gaya; Site where Buddha attained enlightenment
    43 Rajagriha / Rajgir; Vulture Peak Buddhist site
    44 Baidyanath; Shiva Jyotir linga
    45 Mt. Parsanath; Jain temple
    46 Tarakeswar; Tarakanath temple
    47 Navadip; Dhameswara Shri Chaitanya temple, Devananda Gaudiya Math
    48 Tarapith; Shakti Pitha temple
    49 Calcutta; Kalighat temple and Dakshineshwar
    50 Gauhati; Kamakhya Shakti temple
    51 Puri; Jaganath temple
    52 Srisailam; Jyotir linga and Shakti Pitha temples
    53 Tirupati; Govindaraja and Padmavathi temples
    54 Tiruttani; Subrahmanya hill top temple
    55 Kanchipuram; numerous pilgrimage temples
    56 Tiruvanamalai; Mt. Arunachala and Tiruvanamalai temple
    57 Chidambaram; Sabhanayaka Nataraja Shiva temple
    58 Swamimalai temple (near Kumbakonam)
    59 Srirangam; Sri Ranganathaswami Vishnu temple
    60 Palani / Palna; temple of Lord Muruga
    61 Madurai area; temples of Minakshi, Tirupparangunram and Paramthirsolai
    62 Rameshvaram; Sri Ramananthaswami temple, Gandhamadhana Parvatham Hanuman temple
    63 Tiruchendur; Subrahmanya temple of Lord Muruga
    64 Kanya Kumari; Kumari Amman goddess temple
    65 Trivandrum; Sri Padmanabhaswami Vishnu temple
    66 Sabarimala; shrine of Ayappa
    67 Ettumanur; Shiva temple
    68 Mysore; shrine of Baba Qalander Shah
    69 Sravanabelagola; Gomateswara Jain shrine
    70 Sringeri; Sharada Devi and Vidyasankara temples
    71 Gokarna; Mahaballeswara Shiva temple and Ganapati Ganesh temple
    72 Pandharpur; Vitthala Krishna temple
    73 Bhimshankar; Shiva Jyotir linga
    74 Guruvayur; Krishna temple
    75 Deoghar; Vaidyanath Shiva Jyotir linga
    76 Khajuraho; Jain and Hindu temples
    77 New Delhi; Islamic shrines of Kwaja Nizamuddin Aulia, Khwaja Bakhtiyar Kaki, Kwaja Naseerudin Charagh-e Dilli
    78 Sirhind; Islamic shrine of Sheikh Mujaddid Alfe Thani
    79 Gulbarga; Islamic shrine of Khwaja Gesudaraz
    80 Udipi; Krishna temple
    81 Kukuteshvara; Shiva temple
    82 Kolhapur; temple of Lakshmi/Amba Bai
    83 Gangasagarar / Sagar Island; Kapil Muni temple
    84 Amarkantak; hill top temples and source of Narmada river
    85 Patan; Jain temples


    Vadanagar; temple of Hatkeshvara Shiva


    Chamba; Lakshmi Narayan temple


    Nagor; Dargh Sharif temple

    “In reality, in a superior, authentic meaning, this convoy heading to the East was not only mine, but merely one of this specific moment, this crowd of believers and devouts flowing towards the East, towards the cradle of the light, without interruption nor respite. It was eternally marching on throughout centuries, towards the light of the miracle, and each of us, each of our groups, our whole troop with its vast advance, all that was but a wave on the eternal flow of souls, in the eternal effort of spirits to come closer to clarity, to homeland.”

    (Journey to the East, Hermann Hesse)

    What breath is flowing upon the pilgrim’s soul, leading him to meditate, at least once in his life, in those primeval places, offering their long journey to the Gods? In those sacred places, the fervour of truth seekers concentrates. For thousands of years sometimes, they have come along to walk in the steps of a first God or of a first awakened man who was born there. Amongst the numerous holy cities of India, Ayodhya is the birth place of Rama, and Mathura is the birth place of Krishna. Along with the cities of Varanasi, Haridwar, Dwarka, Ujjain and Kanchipuram, they are the seven most important "tirtha", i.e. places of passage between our world and the divine worlds for the pilgrims. Dwarka, Badrinath, Rameshwaram and Puri are revered as being the four cardinal points of India. Haridwar is at the sources of the sacred river, Ganges; and Varanasi (previously Benares) is the place where the Buddha received illumination.
    And us, children of the civilisation and of "progress", will we have enough hope to undertake this quest of the invisible, whatever the meditation place we may choose?
    Will we know how to take the pilgrim's stick and be filled with the most important, for a moment destitute of everything that made our life, and released of our daily agitation?

    “Whatever the place your heart is attached, leave it, and find another place.
    "If you take root, even into the best place, it will become a world of attachment.
    "Do not stay here, nor there.
    "Look for the ultimate place."

    And what if this voyage of the pilgrim was not a voyage in the outer space, but rather the support for another voyage, fundamental, into the inside: the voyage of the body carried away by the soul that is soaring, overcome with love, free at last, towards Spirit...