• Sri Lakshmanacharya

    He  is a Nirvikalpa Maha yogi, Avadhoota, Nithya Agnihotri (Everyday Fire ceremony), and Ayurveda doctor. He was born fully realized in command of the eight Mahasiddhis.


    Swamiji’s Parents Sri Metukudi Ramamurthy and Smt Alimelamma had no children, even after their long married life. Swamiji’s father Ramamurthy is Ayurveda doctor and freedom fighter .He done selfless service to many poor people .Samijis’s Mother Alimellamma is great devotee ,spent their life in pooja ( prayers) and in giving alms to poor and in other good deeds. This Childless couple visited their family guru Sri Vitobhananda Maharaj and they prayed and requested Guru to bless them children. Sri Votobhananda Maharaj was pleased by their sincere devotion and service, Swami Sri Vitobananda Maharaj blessed the couples and gave them a divine predication and their first son will born great yogi and to do good to this world. Swami Sri Lakshmanacharya has born with birth star Rohini and birth sign Meena Lagnam to these couples as predicated by Sri VitobhanandaMaharaj.

    Child Hood and Education

    Since his boyhood, he is keen interest to learn yoga and Vedas many other religious and spiritual activities from learned people and Saints and became well proficient in it. At the age of 5 he was initiated to Devi Upasana under Guru Sri Sadasiva Gurukkal. At the age of 9 he learnt “Raja Yoga” under Sri Bala Bramhananda Sarswati Swamy of Vijayanagarm Samstanam. Later he visited Sri Sivananda Saraswati in Rishikesh and earned his affection and kindness. Sri Swamiji learnt Yoga further under Avaduhta Sri Vitobananda Swamy. Later he studied further the Ayurveda medicine, Chemistry under Sri Padaraya Matadhipathy, Srivijaynidhi Theertahananda Swamulu in Mulbhagal in Karnataka.

    After his education he has worked as Ayurveda doctor, Vice principal of Ayurveda college in Tirupati and served few years in Army also.

    Sadhana( Practice): 12 years deep Meditation (Penance) in forests

    He had been to Himalayas and visited many places like Manasasarovar, Gangotri, Rishikesh, and Badrinath and he devoted his time in meditation and sadhana.Later he came downwards from the Himalayan region to Gangacholapenta and Bahllukagiri in Srikakulam district touching Orissa border in Andhra Pradesh and continued his penance (Tapas) in the hills and forests. He continued his deep penance (Tapas) around 12 years. It is said that when Swamiji was in deep meditation (Tapas) snakes used to crawl on his body and all forest animal used to come near him. Through his deep practice and tapas attained Samadhi complete absorption without any notion or concept, and realized the Atman — True Self. and he became Mahayogi. Swamji done 90 days fasting and 15 days Nirvika lpa Maha Samadhi (Great penance) in Mauritius with out food for the welfare of Mauritius people.


    Sri Swamiji has established several centers ( Ashrams) in Renigunta( Tirupati), Karvetinagaram, Thane( Maha Rastra) in India and Mauritius and has build many temples. His life ambition is to construct Srinagaram temple ,is a cosmic center for peace and Energy.Swamiji offers daily Vedic rituals Saligarma Abhisekha, Sri Chakra prayer and Homam for the welfare of people and Universe.

    Swamiji believes Service to humanity is Service to God In addition to intense spiritual activity, his life is also devoted to helping the poor. Many patients from all over India and foreign visits Swamiji for treatment for their incurable disease and ailments by healing touch of Swamiji and through Ayurveda medicines. Swamiji has been distributing medicines to poor patients free of cost.