• IJP Appel Guéry

    Humankind evolves thanks to discoveries and teachings transmitted by exceptional beings gifted with a specific alliance with the superior planes of consciousness that are the seat of the original Truth of the great Principles ruling the underlying Laws and Facts.Whatever the name given to them – inventors, messengers or prophets – it is because of their presence, and thanks to the extraordinary connection that they have with the superior part of themselves, that technological or paranormal miracles accompanying human life can take place.When learning about JeanPaul Appel Guéry’s life or when meeting him, certain people could conclude he is really one of these people who exceed the norm. As soon as early childhood he was somewhat piloted by his superior dimension to re-discover, from inside, a very powerful initiatory process. Through very specific exercises, telepathically directed by other dimensions, he gradually modified his own atomic-molecular system, to the point that he finally awakened extraordinary telepathic capabilities allowing him to immediately scan any kind of person or situation, and to give unimaginable explanations stemming from the intra-universe.

    He also could have contacts with luminous presences that appeared in the sky, or in the closer surroundings, in front of hundreds of people during very precisely programmed telepathic appointments, which leave no doubt about the possible correlation between the human thought and other super-terrestrial presences.Added to this, his paranormal capacities involve: telekinesis; transformation of energy conditions at very long distance, noticed by hundreds of people thousands of kilometres away; and, thanks to these transcendent contacts, prevision of future events with incredible precision of the day and hour, sometimes about earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or other kinds of disasters, and sometimes also on an important shift or decisive success for certain individuals.As soon as age 4, he was strangely conscious of the global mission he would have to accomplish. His operational initiatory preparation started when he was 12, with the practice of very powerful initiation exercises directly inspired by his superior spiritual dimension; it is only many years later that he found traces of those exercises in the tradition, when reading certain tibetan, sufi, christian, alchemic or taoist initiatory books.All this led him to his first transdimensional journeys, around age 18, when the transcendent door to the immortal field of the intra-universe opened before him; and he passed it after a whole year of absolute ascetics, with the help of superior hierarchies.This unforgettable illumination marked the rest of his life. To prepare for his future activities as an instructor, he was led to study all the traditions and all the types of modern sciences: geology, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, anatomy, pathology, to which he added studies of general psychology, social psychology and psychology of the child and teenager. Having passed about 15 degrees, amongst which a BA in Science and a BA in Psychology, in the University of Paris, he started to write quite unique works of synthesis, including numerous elaborated diagrams, explaining the secret laws of the universe. Continuously confronting this exterior information with his extrasensory perceptions, he managed to formulate an extremely new set of teachings, which he started to transmit to many people when he was around 33, through thousands of lectures.

    Around 1972-1973, luminous spheres appeared to him in the sky for the first time; they accompanied him all along his operational activities, even in full daylight, in front of dozens of people who still can testify, so impressive those events were to them.After dozens of years of various contact, research, operations, and verifications, it was possible for him, in his fifties, to publish numerous books, amongst which the following: Internal Awakening, Spiritual Idyll, From Earthling to Galactic Being, Etres Anges Témoins (Being Angels Witnesses, in correlation with other people), Woman: Essential Answers, To Succeed with One’s Happiness, Daily Friend, Prescience, Iniscience, Luminiscience…Unitary Science of the Intra Universe, a work of more than 200 chapters giving fundamental keys, directly transmitted by the circuits of the Internal Unity, and bringing extraordinary explanations on life, death, disease, the structure of the human being and of the universe, the goals of life, and thousands of questions-answers on very diverse topics, treated in a very new way with codes, numerations and a language immediately connected to another dimension.

    Those books, some of them published in 13 languages, inspired various authors, were studied in a few universities, and are part of the set of information that will nourish the evolution of beings in the XXI°century and in the future. A training institute was created to diffuse IJP Appel Guéry’s teachings under the aegis of the Unitary Science Institute.