• Abraham

    Abraham, patriarch originating from Ur in Chaldea, who probably lived between 2000 and 1500 BC. He settled with his clan in Palestine. Ancestor of Jewish and Arabic people by his sons Isaac and Ismael, he belongs to the descendants of Sem. He married his half sister Sarah.

    He was the chief of a nomadic tribe from Sumer and possibly living at the edge of the cities of this civilisation. The jews might have been for the Sumerians what the Tsiganes are for our civilisations. They admired the wealth and civilisation of Sumer, but stubbornly refused their gods. Abraham had the premonition of a unique God, immaterial. He feels the need for a new spirituality. He decides to go down to Egypt to know the secrets of the Priests. Most the his tribe followed.

    Initiation of Abraham

    The Bible says that Abraham was initiated. During his peregrinations, “Melchisedec, king of Salem, asked to be provided with bread and wine and blessed them.” Melchisedec, (king of justice), occult chief o the Essenians, freemasons of that time, initiated Abraham. (The Essenians express the esoteric dimention of judaism). Abraham paid homage to Melchisedec. But the initiation of Melchisedec is insufficient.

    Not only did he have a terrestrial mission but also a celestial one. Abraham’s task was to conclude an Alliance between God and the humans. He sensed that Egypt withheld secretly within the temples a sacred knowledge and the notion of a unique god. It is Moses who will transmit this knowledge to the Hebrew people.

    Here is the origin of ancient Sumer, where Enmeduranki, the first High Priest was devoted to the service of an extra-terrestrial dynasty of rulers, known as the Watchers in the Inter-testament Books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees. Here the Sumerian god, Marduk, the son of Enki, became the god of Sumer and Chaldea.  Here was the family of Enki, a brother called Enlil, who caused the Flood of Noah, and the father Anu, the Ancient and Hidden One.  In this realm of the ancients, the Priesthood of Sumer was given access to the Divine Celestial Tablets of Anu. Here, in the land of the Annukians, as described in the books by Sitchen is the origin of the Chaldean Magi and the life of the High Priest of Ur (Uratu), Terah, who introduces Abram, the son of the Oracle Sumerian Priest.