• Places of spiritual research

    « For this earth is an inn in our immense journey »

    ] ” The impact of the action of a resolute man and definitively dedicated to the supreme Cause, spending all his energy for the love of God, is not called, because it is infinite. “

    Appel Guéry

    “What we have done will not be lost forever, everything matures in time and becomes a fruit at the appropriate time”

    Hindu Wisdom

    Ashrams of Great Gurus in India Râmakrishna’s
    Ashram near Calcutta Gandhi’s
    Ashram near Ahmedabad Sri Aurobindo’s
    Ashram near Pondichery (Auroville) Râmana Mahârshi’s
    Ashram in Tiruvannamalai Shivânanda’s
    Ashram in Rishikesh Krishnamurti’s
    Ashram in Chennai Sai Baba’s
    Ashram in Puttaparti Osho’s
    Ashram in Puna Ma Amritanandamayi’s
    Ashram in Amritapuri
    “Krishna Awareness” in Vrindalan “Poonjaji” in Lucknow
    “Theosophical Society” in Chennai “Raja yoga” at Mount Abu
    “Tibetan Buddhism” in Dharamsala
    “Spiritual University of Brahmâ Kumari” founded in Hyderabad by Dada Lekhraj