• Friends in India

    “There is a mystical sense  in a number of lives, but all of us don’t have a fair understanding of it. It is mostly given to us in an encrypted language, and for lack of having decoded it, we despair of the absence of meaning in our life.

    The success of the  great existences often lies with Man’s ability to decipher the figure which has been given to him, that he understood it and learnt how to follow his right path.”

    Viatcheslav Vsévolodovitch Ivanov

    From our numerous friends in India, we are going to present a few of them who started with the means they had to make lights flash in the night where there were no more of them or where there have never been any of them. Each in his or her own way, with his or her talents and his or her skills gives some time  each day as well as some of his or her best  to help as well as to make grow other beings’ body, soul and spirit.

    Nirman Arora: native of Amritsar, international lawyer has created an Indo-Belgian association.

    Mahesh Patil: ayurvedic practitioner, native of Pune.

    Pankaj Patil: ayurvedic practitioner, native of Pune.

    Santosh Olympus: responsible for an ecological community, native of kerala.

    Sleemy: naturopath, author of books, in charge of a tchai shop in a pyramid in Rishikesk.