• Santhosh Olympuss

    He has given his name “Olympuss” to a doctrine of Spontaneous Universal life, a group of those who like to lead an eco  oriented life, and a  set of methods which can be used to change the world from the path to extinction to a secure path of Sustainable life.)  It deals the Ecosophical subjects with an insight. It over see all the areas of universal life in an integrated manner. Here is the history of Olympuss movement :

    • Started in 1981 as a children’s’ science organization Ptalob Science & Cultural Centre in Tattamangalam, Palakkad, The State of Kerala, South India.
    • Started engaging in local Environment related issues in 1980s.
    • Planned out Olympuss Model Village Concept in 1986.
    • Established Olympuss Asramam (Hermitage) in 1990.
    • Established Vagmee Naatya Kendra (A school of Drama, Yoga & Cognition) in 1990.
    • Evolved the Doctrine of Olympuss in early 90s.
    • Established Olympuss Group Living Centre in 1994 at Chennai, The State of Tamilnadu, South India.
    • Started wide spreading Olympuss concepts all over India in 1995.
    • Switched over to Kerala in 1997.
    • Published The Universal Man, a publication on Pure Living.
    • Registered The Thumbelinaue Spectrumes Environmental & Humanitarian Charitable Trust in 1997 December for the Researches, exhortations, Consultations & Project implementations on Sustainable Life, Social Activism & Alternatives.
    • Started Aelopae Computers (Vocational Training Center) in 1998.
    • Started working  Aelopae Environmental Education Centre in 1998.
    • Started Gramodaya Group Living Centre in 1998.
    • Planned our the formation of Green Cross Foundation for the actualizations of Eco Village and other public projects in 2000.
    • Started Gramodaya Neighbor-hood Gatherings in 2002.
    • Started the functions of Life Ascent Trust for Sustainable Social Work in Katmandu, Nepal in 2003.
    • Started Gramodaya Natural Hygiene Center & Hospital (and Closed due to financial constrains) in 2003.
    • The whole functions of Olympuss group held up in 2003 due to financial constrains.
    • The re-organization and trial for the financial backup started in 2004.

    The Aim
    The aim is to become an integrated platform for Sustainable & Non creamy Charitable activities, to bring the TG away from the calamities and ensure them a Sustainable and Wealthy Mutual Life by giving them Proper Education, Complete Healthcare, Sustainable Agricultural & Technological Aids and Material & Logical assistance to lead a Self Reliant Sustainable Social Life with an INTEGRATED outlook.